Paver Scapes

Pavers are small brick like stones that can be arranged in many different patters, giving anything from a brick style to a cobblestone street.  Pavers are a very durable surface and enhance the appearance of any landscape.  All installations include leveling the chosen site, lining outlying areas with locking barriers, leveling and compacting gravel before laying the patio.  Pavers are an excellent solution for areas that grass will not grow, has constant drainage problems, or any where a new patio is desired. 


Custom Concrete

Concrete is the most durable surface that we have available for landscape surfaces.  All of our concrete is a minimum of 3500 PSI to resist cracking in even the most demanding situations.  In addition to a traditional finish, we also offer custom stamping, staining, and acid etching.  Using a stamp and stain procedure we are able to make your concrete patio look as if it is made of large flagstone, smaller cobble stones, or even wood planks, all while giving you the durability of concrete.  

If your existing concrete is beginning to chip, crack, or flake, we offer a 3 step process in which we take unappealing concrete surfaces and refinish them to better than new, saving money and your landscape.  This application can be used on patios, pool aprons, driveways, garage floors, and any other outdoor concrete surface.



Natural Stone

Natural stone will make your landscape stand out while still being subtle.  Natural stone or flagstone patios are constructed using large flat faced stones placed together with a mortar joint.  We have a wide variety of stone colors to choose from in order to create a look that compliments your landscape.  There are many themes and styles we are are able to incorporate into your design, including natural stone seating, privacy walls, fire pits, water features and more.


Wood Decking

Nothing gives a house the feeling of traditional outdoor living like a wood plank deck.  Decks are available in every size, style, and levels.  Installing a deck over unlevel ground will give you an instant usable space without having to tear up your lawn and landscape.  Your deck can be installed using traditional treated wood or composite decking giving a lifetime of usability with minimal maintenance.  

In addition to new installation, we also offer deck repairs including power washing, wood replacement, staining, painting and design.



Patio & Deck Services

Outdoor Living begins with your hardscaped areas.  From custom concrete to styled paver patios, we can develop and install a patio that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.  We understand and appreciate that every home has its own personality and not every patio will compliment every landscape.  Some of the example surfaces we offer are decking, paver patterned patios, custom concrete, and natural stones.  We offer free estimates on any service including patios, as well as advice and inspirations for your landscape.